Rawafed Center for Research and Studies is a research and training institution that deals with the academic scientific research in the field of Islamic heritage and thought in general; as well as the western side of the Islamic world in particular.

Areas of interest:

  • Islamic sciences,
  • Philosophy, speech, mental and applied sciences,
  • The well-known contemporary cultural issues in the Moroccan and contemporary Arab thought,
  • Training and being scientifically and academically supervised, while taking into consideration the content of the academic knowledge,

Our Partners:

Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Ibn Tufail University

Our goals:

  • The Center seeks to inspirit the field of scientific research and contribute to the preservation of the religious and cultural distinctions of our country through the preparation and publication of studies and research on the heritage and civilization of Morocco; as well as focusing on the research fields related to the revival of heritage and the achievement of manuscripts.
  • Introducing the intellectual creations and the heritage literary works produced by Moroccan scholars in various fields in different ages, establishing and indexing them, in order to be a supplement and cornerstone for researchers to implant the authenticity of Moroccan culture.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of what Moroccans have accomplished in various fields.
  • Encourage the scientific research among scientists, researchers and university professors.
  • Link the Center with various bodies and institutions that are concerned with the scientific research, communicate and cooperate with them. Achieving communication between researchers in the Center’s field of interest.